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ACHeck21® software is your secure and reliable business solution for Check 21 and ACH processing. Electronically deposit ALL KINDS of checks, including business checks.

Whether you process 10 checks a month or 1,500,000 checks a month, Diversified Check Solutions has a Check 21 and ACH check solution for you: ACHeck21®.

ACHeck21® software is simple in design and friendly to use. Our Thin Client, ACHeck21® Micro can be installed at a merchant location in less than 10 minutes. Unheard of in the industry.

Whether you are looking for Back Office Conversion (BOC), Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), Lockbox, Check 21, or ACH, ACHeck21® is by far superior to any other software and can support any check scanner.

ACHeck21® ---- It's HERE, it's NOW and the TIME IS RIGHT.

Benefits of ACHeck21®

  • Overall savings- time, money and efficiency
  • Increase work flow and efficiency
  • Eliminate trips to the bank
    • Gas
    • Time
    • Courier Fees
  • Reduce and/or eliminate Banking Fees
  • Funds settle faster into your bank account
  • Return items are posted to your ACHeck21® gateway when received
  • Update A/R faster and more accurately
  • Archive images of checks and stubs
  • Search Archived images faster and easier

ACHeck21® software was designed to support any customer at any level. All you need is a scanner and internet service, we handle the rest.

Diversified Check Solutions is committed to providing our customers with superior service, robust state of the art technology and easy to use software.


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Visioneer joins with Diversified Check Solutions to offer ACHeck21® to U.S. imaging market
Thu, 3 Dec 2009                            


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